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Hydraulic Replacement

YASA Motors - Powering the Future

YASA manufactures a highly differentiated advanced axial flux motor and generator based on its proprietary Yokeless And Segmented Armature (YASA™) technology.

For a given power & torque requirement, YASA can deliver a significantly smaller and lighter electric motor than any other competing technology. Furthermore, the technology is inherently lower cost than competitor motors due to the exceptionally high utilisation of magnetic material.

The high performance YASA motors and generators are suitable for range of markets and applications, and excel in the toughest environments where weight and space are critical for the end-user .


Latest News

P400 Series with Lightweight Gearbox

Driven by YASA P400 Series motors, the Xtrac P1227 Integrated Lightweight Electric Vehicle (ILEV) transmissions provide up to 3900 Nm and 320 kW peak at the wh ...

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YASA e-motors for hybrid and electric vehicles


Products available include YASA-750, YASA-P400 Series, YASA-400 and custom motors.



YASA motor and generator solutions are available for markets including automotive, off-road, marine, industrial, aerospace & defence, and motorsport. More 



Applications for YASA motor products include hybridisation, traction & propulsion, power generation and hydraulics replacement.


YASA motors are manufactured in a highly repeatable, low cost and automated way, suited to all levels customer demand from small batches through to serial production.