YASA’s proprietary axial flux motors are smaller and lighter than their competitors due to more efficient use of key magnetic and structural materials. The YASA (Yokeless And Segmented Armature) motor topology also significantly reduces manufacturing complexity, making the motors ideally suited to automated volume production. This powerful combination enables YASA to produce motors with exceptionally high power and torque density that, in volume, cost less than competing products.

YASA LImited has built on the work undertaken by founder Dr Tim Woolmer during his DPhil at Oxford University some 10 years ago and now has numerous patents and patent applications covering the key subsystems (rotors and stator) of its unique axial flux "pancake style" motor.  The patents  cover the critical aspects of axial flux motor manufacture as well as design and include thermal, structural, magnetic and manufacturing techniques.


Manufacturing Processes

The Yokeless And Segmented Armature topology has enabled YASA to develop greatly simplified motor manufacturing techniques that are very repeatable and cost-effective. The manufacturing method is highly scalable and YASA is growing its manufacturing capacity to 60,000 motors per annum at its 1st series production facility near Oxford in the UK.  About YASA


Based on the principles of the YASA motor topology, YASA Limited is capable of producing the smallest volume, lightest weight motors in their class. Standard products are suitable for many applications and our skilled and widely experienced engineering teams have the capability to provide custom solutions from the prototype stage all the way through to high volume production.

The YASA 750R and YASA P400 Series e-motors and generators achieve power densities of up to 7kW per kg for complete, sealed motors including bearings and all sensors. Significantly higher power densities (in excess of 10kW per kg) are achieved by YASA custom and bespoke motors.

As well as our standard products, YASA creates custom products for volume manufacture which meet a specific torque, power and speed requirement at the highest operating efficiency at the lowest possible unit production cost.


Test Capability

YASA operates multiple development, durability and production line dynamometer test rigs capable of automated and programmable testing up to 10,000rpm, 800Nm and 400kW.

These bespoke dynamometers are controlled by in-house developed software that enables performance tests across a wide range of standard and customer drive cycles including high average and fast changing dynamic loads.  Please contact YASA for further information.

Test rigs