Application Example – Hydraulic Replacement in Gas Turbines

Electric start motors for gas turbines

Gas boilers in gas boiler room

The primary function of the gas turbine starting system is to accelerate the turbine to a speed point faster than the self-sustaining speed of the turbine.

To achieve this, the starter motor must create enough torque to overcome the drag of the turbine and the system’s inertia. The starter motor may also be used  for other functions, such as rotation after shutdown and purging.

For turbines modified from aero derivatives, hydraulic starters are most commonly used since the turbines require little modification. However, the replacement of hydraulic starter motors is becoming increasingly popular due to the efficiency, space savings and reliability improvements that electric motors can offer.

Due to the very compact nature of hydraulic motors, very few motors can meet the space and weight requirements of the gas turbines. However, due to the unique design of the YASA motor, we have shown that we are able to package the motors within the very tight weight and size constraints left by the hydraulic motors. The YASA solutions has been shown to be at least half the weight of the best competing systems, and in many cases 4-6 times lighter.

Light weight YASA motors, with their leading-edge torque and power densities, enable the replacement of hydraulic motors and remove the need for an expensive to maintain hydraulic start system.