Custom Motors

_DSC6743YASA's off-the-shelf products like the YASA 750R and P400 Series are suitable for prototype and low-volume build. For projects where there is a desire to manufacture in high volume, there is often significant scope for reducing the bill of material cost and improving torque and power density in the application by creating a custom motor design.

The YASA motor custom design service includes a feasibility phase which informs our customers of the cost and performance benefits of the desired custom motor or generator. The development phase is then split into three parts: prototype development, pre-production development, and a pilot production run.  YASA Limited can provide full production capability or manufacturing licensing options.

YASA offer motors with maximum specifications of:

  • 4,000 Nm torque
  • 12,000 rpm
  • 800 kW

YASA works with a number of world-leading inverter suppliers to ensure a fully tuned off-the-shelf package is available with a no-compromise blend of control and power. Our high power electric motors have applications across a range of markets, and can be customised to meet specific application requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact YASA for further information.