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The YASA Product Range

YASA offers a range of 'off-the-shelf' compact and light-weight axial-flux motors as well as custom motors and consultancy services. YASA's standard products are the best solution when time-to-market is important and can often be configured to meet specific performance and interface requirements.  Full custom motors provide very high power and torque density motor and generator solutions optimised to customer's requirements.

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Comparison of YASA's standard products

Parameter       YASA-750 YASA-P400
Torque (peak) 790 Nm 370 Nm 360 Nm
Torque (cont) 400 Nm 300 Nm 250 Nm
Power (peak) 200 kW 160 kW 165 kW
Power (cont) up to 70 kW 20 to 100 kW up to 70 kW
Axial length 98 mm 80.4 mm 75 mm
Diameter 368 mm 305 mm 280 mm
Weight 37 kg 24 kg 24 kg

Custom Motors and Generators

YASA designs and manufactures motors for specific customers in the range:

Parameter       Custom Motors
Up to:
Torque (peak) 4,000 Nm
Torque (cont) 1,000 Nm
Power (peak) 800 kW
Power (cont) 400 kW


More information:

YASA-750 P400 Series YASA-400 Custom Motors Consultancy


Updated August 2017