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Electric motors for off-road vehicles

YASA Motors offers rugged off-the-shelf electric motor and generator products (YASA-750, YASA-P400 Series and YASA-400) that are highly suitable for off-road vehicles in applications such as hybridisation, traction or hydraulics replacement.  We also partner with customers to develop motors optimised for specific volume applications.

As off-road vehicle OEMs develop the next generation hybrid electric products that meet increasingly stringent emission regulations, they consistently face multiple challenges. These include a requirement for high continuous power from electric motors and generators in products where packaging space is often very limited and costs need to be minimised.

YASA small form factor motors and generators (as thin as 55mm) deliver performance versus packaging benefits at the lowest cost point in volume. The through-shaft capability means our motors integrate easily within an engine or transmission. YASA motors are extensively tested in demanding, arduous environments making them the ideal choice for off-road applications.

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