Electric Motors for Motorsport

YASA supplies off-the-shelf electric motor and generator products (YASA-750, YASA-P400 Series and YASA-400) which are well suited to Motorsport applications such as hybridisation and traction.  We also partner with customers to develop custom motors to meet leading edge performance requirements demanded by the Motorsport industry.

YASA Motors technology is world-leading when considering key motor metrics such as torque or power density. Our motors have been used to achieve an impressive range of records and event wins. These include land speed records (Drayson Racing) , lap records at  Goodwood and experience at Pikes Peak, TTZero and TTXGP.  YASA motors have been used successfully in leading edge Formula Student competitions for many years now, and still provide the highest power to weight ratio available.

YASA Motors is continuously innovating to push the boundaries of performance and capability of its products delivering customers lighter, smaller and more powerful motors than its competitors.

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