Leisure and Commercial boats, AUV’s, Hovercraft, Specialist applications


YASA offers off-the-shelf electric motor and generator products (YASA-750, YASA-P400 Series and YASA-400) which are packaged to meet marine applications such as hybridisation, traction (propulsion) or hydraulic replacement.  We also partner with customers to develop custom motors optimised for specific volume applications.

Like many other industries, the marine industry is developing products to meet ever more stringent emission regulations. Developments such as hybrid propulsion or replacement of winch lift hydraulic motors with more efficient electric motors are highly practical in meeting emission regulations and reducing costs for end users. However, a real challenge remains in integrating powerful, small form-factor and robust electric motors into marine products with limited space and weight budget in a cost effective manner.

To meet this challenge, YASA small form factor motors and generators (as thin as 55mm) deliver the performance versus packaging benefits at the lowest cost point. The through-shaft capability means our motors integrate easily within a powertrain or in to existing equipment, minimising overall development and integration costs.

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