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Electric Motors for Cars

YASA Motors supplies off-the-shelf electric motor and generator products (YASA-750, YASA-400 and YASA P400 Series) which have been specifically developed for automotive applications such as electric or hybrid cars.  We also partner with customers to develop custom motors for specific volume automotive applications.

A key challenge for automotive OEMs and Tier 1s developing next generation electric and hybrid power train solutions lies in maximising the power and torque density of the electric motor/generator solutions whilst  minimising weight, volume and cost.

YASA Motors produces light-weight, ultra slim-line motors (as thin as 55mm) that deliver optimum packaging and performance benefits at the lowest cost. With power densities approaching 10kW/kg and torque densities of up to 40Nm/kg, the YASA technology significantly reduces powertrain weight.

YASA Motors unique topology enables maximum use of critical materials such as magnets and copper, ensuring high performance is matched by the lowest costs.

Through-shaft capability means our motors integrate easily within a new or existing powertrain, drivetrain or differential.

The YASA motor is proving to be the optimal electric motor choice for automotive OEMs and conversion specialists.

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