Application Example – Drayson Racing

Motorsport has traditionally been used as a test bed and incubator for new technology. This is certainly the case for current electric traction technology which is being developed and pushed for a range of high performance racing vehicles. YASA Motors get involved in a number of targeted Motorsport opportunities for this very reason: to push, develop and test their technology in the most extreme of environments.
One such development that we have undertaken was to develop a 640kW (850bhp) high performance powertrain for Drayson Racing. The powertrain consists of 4 YASA-750H motors, each delivering up to 160kW. The system replaces the powertrain of a conventional internal combustion powered vehicle and is extremely small and lightweight - each motor is just 7l in volume and 25kg in weight.

This ultra-light weight powertrain was the key to enabling Drayson Racing to set a new World Electric Land Speed Record. A speed of 204.185mph was set, in the sub 1000kg class. The previous record of 175mph had stood for nearly forty years.

The vehicle has also set a number of other records, including the fastest EV times at Goodwood in 2012 and 2013 (the vehicle was 3rd fastest overall in 2013).

YASA motors are also involved in a number of other motorsport events, such as Pikes Peak, TTXPG and TTZero. We are also actively engaged with Formula E, and are currently developing our technology ready for the 2015 season.

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