Traction and Propulsion

Electric Motors for Traction and Propulsion

Customers developing next generation traction or propulsion systems face the major challenge of integrating powerful electric motors (e-motors) and generators into space and weight limited environments whilst keeping costs to a minimum.  This is true for on-road, off-road, marine and aerospace manufacturers..

YASA motors offer class-leading power and torque density, saving both weight and vehicle space and enabling a simpler integration process.  Critically, a YASA motor can deliver up to twice the continuous power and 50% greater continuous torque than equivalent peak power competitor motors, enabling superior performance in the most challenging of drive cycles or usage cases.

As the YASA motor uses less magnetic material than competing technologies, the motor can be manufactured at lower cost in volume applications. The YASA-750, YASA-P400 Series and YASA-400 motors have been rigorously tested to prove their robustness and suitability for traction and propulsion applications.

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