Power Generation

YASA offer off-the-shelf electric motor and generator products (YASA-750 and YASA-P400 Series) for generation in hybrid range-extended vehicles and mobile and variable-speed power generation set applications.  The very short axial length and through-shaft capability of YASA's 'pancake' style motors make them ideally suited to mounting close to an internal combustion engine output when the available space is restricted.
The YASA-750 is ideally suited to diesel generation applications due to its relatively low speed, high torque output and high continuous power. YASA P400 Series motors are also suitable for generation applications, due to their high continuous power ratings.

Diesel MotorSee the table below for a summary of key parameters and likely generation opportunities.  We also develop production optimised custom motors for volume manufacture.

YASA-750 YASA P400 Series
Torque range 0-800 Nm 0-390 Nm
Speed range 0-4000 rpm 0-8000 rpm
Continuous power up to 70 kW up to 100 kW
Axial Length 98 mm from 80.4 mm
Typical Application Diesel Generation Diesel / Petrol


YASA generator technologies scale from 20kW-200kW continuously and from 1000rpm – 9000rpm. Higher power and torque capabilities can be achieved by “stacking” the motors together. The ability to couple the output of multiple motors enables a range of generator solutions to be created from a single product.

For power generation applications where space is critical and transportation weight needs to be minimised, the YASA generator is the perfect solution.

Please contact us for detailed information or continue reading about the other applications for YASA motors / generators: