YASA is working closely with a number of engine suppliers and OEMs to supply e-motors for integrated electric motor and engine hybrid solutions. For a parallel hybrid a clutch is typically integrated between the engine and e-motor to enable the system to run in an emission-free mode. This type of architecture is becoming particularly popular as a technique to downsize the engine and meet emissions targets. YASA motors are ideally suited to this type of P2 Hybrid application, offering the following advantages:

  • Shortest possible axial length (as small as 55mm)
  • Lowest requirements for packaging space
  • Through-shaft and clutch integration possibilities
  • Operation in high ambient temperatures and challenging environmental conditions

Due to the bespoke nature of parallel hybrid systems, a custom e-motor development is typically required. However, an ‘off-the-shelf’ YASA electric motor may also be suitable (YASA-750, YASA-P400 Series and YASA-400 ).

For series hybrid applications, the engine is completely decoupled from the wheels. This type of system typically requires two different types of electric machine: firstly, a high continuous power Generator is required to charge the energy storage system. Secondly, a high performance machine is required for Traction.

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