Electro-Hydraulic Hybrids

motors for electro-hydraulic hybrids

YASA's best-in-class small and light electric motor / generators make the hybridisation of heavy-duty construction and agricultural vehicles possible and very practical. In this application, hydraulic systems are used to move heavy loads and a diesel engine normally provides power for both traction and the hydraulic pump.  In a conventional implementation, the engine must be sized to provide the necessary peak power.

To meet the required efficiency targets and to reduce emissions without compromising the vehicle's total cost of ownership, vehicle designers are working with YASA Motors to create integrated electro-hydraulic hybrid systems. In these designs, YASA electric motors form the heart of a hybrid system that smooths the power demand upon the diesel engine. The hydraulic system is driven by the YASA e-motor which is supplied, via a controller, from a battery pack. The smaller diesel engine now provides power to the same YASA motor which operates as a generator to charge the batteries during times of low power demand.  YASA motors are ideally suited to this type of application, offering the following advantages:

  • Through-shaft mounting and a very short axial length (from just 55mm) for integration into small spaces.
  • The diesel engine size is reduced for lower emissions and improved economy.
  • The diesel engine runs at most efficient constant speed when charging and can be switched off during light working.
  • Reliable operation in high ambient temperatures and challenging environmental conditions

Due to the bespoke nature of parallel hybrid systems, a custom motor development is often required. However, an ‘off-the-shelf’ YASA electric motor may also be suitable (YASA-750, YASA-P400 Series and YASA-400 ).

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