Application Example – Drive eO – PP01 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

eO PP01 at Pikes Peak

eO PP01 at Pikes Peak

The Pikes Peak Hill climb is notorious for its gruelling 12.42 mile course with 156 turns ending at the 14110 ft summit. The best teams encompass power and torque in a lightweight package and that’s exactly what Drive eO achieved with their PP01.

Drive eO are an innovative motorsport company who have participated in prestigious motorsport events such as Dakar and now Pikes Peak.

The Latvian based company who are experts in utilising EV technology in motorsport, attempted to beat the Electric Pikes Peak hill climb record in Colorado, USA.

Drive eO designed and built from scratch the eO PP01 which is a full electric independent and direct drive lightweight race car. eO utilised the YASA lightweight high torque/power density motors to reduce the weight of their bespoke race car whilst maintaining excellent performance of 400kW/3000Nm peak.

With a total mass of 1050kg and the stated performance the eO PP01 looked very competitive against the veteran electric teams representing large OEM’s. The four YASA 750 motors used in a direct drive system due to their excellent peak (750Nm) and continuous torque (400Nm) which reduced costs without compromising performance

With a respectable qualifying time the team were set to achieve their goal of the electric speed record. Unfortunately on race day conditions deteriorated and when it was time for the Drive eO team to race through Colorado’s notorious track the circuit was wet in sections. The PP01 set a fast first sector but unfortunately the car lost control further up the track and fell victim to this arduous circuit. Fortunately the driver Jānis Horeliks only suffered minor injuries.

Drive eO’s menacing looking car turned a few heads at Pikes Peak this year and put Latvia’s motorsport team on the map as a future force to be reckoned with.

Motorsport is a great demonstrator of YASA technology and how small powerful lightweight electric motors can be used to rival orthodox motorsport concepts.

YASA look forward to working with Drive eO on future projects.

Images courtesy of Drive eO