May 15-17 2018: Electric & Hybrid Expo, Hannover Germany

YASA's ultra compact and lightweight motor solutions for P2 hybrid transmissions and EV traction on show at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Conference and Exhibition in Hannover, Germany. See how YASA motors solve the problem of restricted space in hybrid, range-extended and full electric vehicles.

YASA engineers will be available at certain times during the exhibition to discuss the motors and answer any questions that you may have. If you would like to reserve a time to talk with a YASA engineer, or to request information directly, please use the form below.
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  • Meet with YASA for an overview of YASA's motors
  • Discuss the range of motors available
  • Is a YASA motor the right choice for your application?
    If not, we will say so!

USA Toll Free: 844 YASA MOT

UK:  +44 1865 952 100


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